AIMIX 3t Tile Adhesive Plant Sent to United Arab Emirates

Good news come on April 7, 2021! one set AIMIX 3t tile adhesive plant was ready and loaded. It was ordered by our customer from United Arab Emirates and will soon arrive there. The following are some pictures and video took on the loading site.

AIMIX 3t tile adhesive plant loading

This simple type dry mortar plant can produce 3t dry mortar per hour. It provides a good choice for people who have a small demand for dry mortar mixture. It is easy to erect and cost less time and money to use it.

Aimix Group is a China construction machinery manufacturer and exporter, we provide small dry mortar plant and large full automatic dry mortar plant with capacities range from 3t/h to 100t/h.
3t tile adhesive plant
3t tile adhesive plant loaded

AIMIX not only provides tough quality tile adhesive plants, but also can help you design the site plan if necessary. If you are interested in this equipment, welcome to contact us now! Leave your message in the form below, we will reply in 24 hours!

3t tile adhesive making plant

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