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Aimix Dry Mortar Mixer And Packing Machine Sent To Bangladesh

In January 2018, one set of Aimix dry mortar mixer and one set of packing machine was ready and loaded. The two set of equipment will soon be sent to Bangladesh. The following are some pictures took in the workshop and loading site.

The above dry mortar mixer and packing machine to be sent to Bangladesh are the basic components of a dry mortar production line, which is used to mix dry mortar – a kind of construction material.
Aimix Group provides various types of dry mortar production lines range from semi-automatic types to full automatic types. The capacity of our dry mortar plants range from less than 10t/h to 100t/h. They can produce dry mortars include ordinary and specific mortars, such as plastering mortar, masonry mortar, waterproof mortar, tile adhesive mortar, wear-resisting floor mortar, thermal insulation mortars etc. They are essential equipment in modern construction.

Aimix has exported our dry mortar production lines to many countries such as Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Iran, Indonesia etc. We have rich experience in exporting our dry mortar plants to oversea countries. If you are interested in our dry mortar mixing plants, please don’t hesitate to leave a message in the form below. Any question is welcomed.

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