Wall Putty Manufacturing Plant

The wall putty manufacturing plant is professional production equipment that mixes raw materials such as double fly powder, gypsum powder, carboxymethyl fiber powder, retarder, and thickener into a putty powder and realizes its continuous production.

Types of Aimix Wall Putty Manufacturing Machine On Sale

According to the difference in output, it can be divided into:
Small scale wall putty manufacturing machine (annual output 3000-10000 tons)

Middle Size Wall Putty Powder Production Line For Sale(annual Output 10,000 Tons – 50,000 Tons)

semi-automatic wall putty plant
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Automatic Big Wall Putty Making Machine For Sale(annual Output Of More Than 100,000 Tons)

wall putty manufacturing plant
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Intelligent Wall Putty Powder Production Line On Sale(annual Output Of 1 Million Tons)

big wall putty manufacturing plant
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Aimix Wall Putty Manufacturing Plant In Iran

Aimix wall putty manufacturing plant in Iran
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What Can Aimix Wall Putty Manufacturing Machine Produce

Aimix dry wall putty making machine can produce inner wall putty and outer wall putty by adjusting the proportion of raw materials; interior wall series: ordinary putty, mirror putty, nano sterilizing putty, humidity filter putty, negative ion putty.

Aimix Wall Putty Manufacturing Machine Models

Models AF05 AF10 AF15 AF20 AF30
Production Capacity (T/H ) 5 10 15 20 30
Control System  Semi-auto/Full auto  Semi-auto/Full auto  Full auto   Full auto   Full auto
Models AF40 AF50 AF60 AF80 AF100
Production Capacity (T/H ) 40 50 60 80 100
Control System   Full auto   Full auto   Full auto   Full auto   Full auto

The Basic Work Flow Of A Wall Putty Powder Making Machine

The basic work flow of a typical wall putty manufacturing machine is as the follows: raw material storage – metering ingredients – material mixing and agitation – finished product packaging, as well as raw material delivery, lifting and dust removal equipment in the putty powder production process.

Main Components Of The Wall Putty Making Machine:

1. Raw material storage equipment
Cement silos are usually used for storing bulk raw materials, generally using tank design, and using tank car loading. When the project is constructed, small storage tanks for raw materials, such as rubber powder and additives, need to be added.
2. Dosing device:
It consists of a hopper weighing scale, screw conveyor, discharging device, micro material adding device, and computer control system. It can automatically measure different raw materials according to the formula, reduce labor intensity and environmental pollution, and ensure the quality of the putty powder.
3. Mixer:
Mixers are available in a variety of options such as double helix cone mixers, colter mixers, ribbon mixers, twin-shaft paddleless gravity mixers, etc.
The requirements for the putty powder mixer are uniform mixing, no dead angle, high efficiency, wear resistance of the equipment, and fast discharge speed. Among the above mixers, widely used in the wall putty manufacturing plants are multi-axis blade-free gravity mixer and colter mixer.
Recommended: Gravity-free mixer – suitable for dry powder mixing, you can also add “flying knife” as required.
components of wall putty manufacturing plant
Coulter Mixer – suitable for mixing and dosing with fiber materials.
4. Packaging machine:
There are two types: open pockets and valve pockets. Usually, wall putty powder adopts the valve pocket packaging machine, because the valve pocket packaging does not need to be slit, just one person can operate, the cost of the bag is slightly higher, but the packaging speed is fast.
The open-pocket packaging scale can pack a variety of materials, but it needs to be slit after bagging. Relatively speaking, the cost of the bag is slightly lower (the bag can be recycled), but the packaging speed is slower. This packaging machine requires one more operator than the valve pocket packaging machine.
5. Dust collector:
It is used to recycle dust from the wall putty manufacturing plant and is environmentally friendly. It is generally located at the top of the cement silo, at the feed port of the hoist, etc.
Recommended equipment: pulse dust collector
6. Conveying and lifting equipment:
The material conveying methods used in the wall putty manufacturing plant are: horizontal conveying and vertical conveying, horizontal conveying can adopt screw conveyor, vertical conveying generally adopts bucket elevator.

wall putty manufacturing plant
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How About Aimix Wall Putty Manufacturing Plant Cost

The wall putty making machine price varies depending on the output and the degree of automation. Aimix is a professional wall putty making machine manufacturer and exporter in China. We have a professional team for design, configure, sales, possible transform, and upgrade of the equipment according to your demand. If you are interested in this wall putty manufacturing machine, please don’t hesitate to contact us or leave a message in the form below.

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